Our Change Your Life program guarantees a fulfilling and meaningful life.

Currently you Listen, Trust and Act from your mind.

Your mind is influenced by years of past experiences and other people’s opinions. It’s set up to have you just survive life.

With INDIRA Life, you Connect, Listen, Trust and Act from your intuitive Self.

Your Self is designed to have you live a more meaningful and purposeful life; a life lived from a more peace-filled and satisfying place.

That’s the core principle to Changing Your Life with INDIRA Life.

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MEET INDIRA - founder of the practice of Connecting: the tool that unplugs the mind and Connects you to your intuitive Self.

“After years of looking for what would give me the life I wanted (a life that was fulfilling and meaningful) I discovered a practice that gave me exactly that. I’ve spent over 20 years training people just like you in the practice of Connecting - the practice that brings fulfillment and meaning to your life. With this practice you get answers that shift your life to the life you want. In my Change Your Life program you’ll begin Connecting for your life.”



Watch how our members have changed
their lives with INDIRA Life.


The Pathway is Clear

“You ARE going to have a
fulfilling and meaningful life!”