Our Team

Indira Dyal-Dominguez

Indira Dyal-Dominguez

Indira Dyal-Dominguez is an internationally renowned motivational speaker, author and coach/consultant. Indira has published the innovative book “ YOU: A Spiritual Being on a Spiritual Journey, a New Paradigm for Living Life” and is the founder of INDIRALife and the Change Your Life Program. For over 20 years Indira has been a pioneer in the field of self help and personal development. She has also led corporate workshops and programs for Fortune 500 companies, individuals and groups, as well as training thousands of people to pursue their purpose in life and fulfill their dreams. 

At a time when our lives are filled with unexpected and difficult challenges, knowing how to unplug the Mind’s constant chatter, concerns and fears, to listening, trusting and acting from the part of you called – your Self, is revolutionary and life altering.

Indira’s passion for everyone living their most fulfilled and deepest life led her to write her book and launch INDIRALife and the Change Your Life Program making her work available to anyone, anywhere in the world.   


Rose Limongelli

Director of the Connecting Counts Program

M.S Elementary Education (N-6); B.A Sociology; Virtus Trained

Rose is committed and dedicated to erradicating the internal student turmoil that has our youth turn to bullying, suicide, drugs, medication, seclusion resulting in gun violence, anxiety and depression TO opening up their awareness to the champion within giving them access to their gifts and purpose in life.

As Director of the Connecting Counts Program for youths Rose oversees the coordination and administration of all aspects of the INDIRALife - Connecting Counts Program.  An advocate for today’s youth she has assisted children and families in dealing with social, behavioral, and academic issues. A mother of twin teenage sons she has a direct experience of the current challenges and relationship issues that today’s youth face. Rose is a facilitator, mentor, public speaker and co-creator of the conversations that today’s youth need to be a part of and hear. She is committed to teaching the principles of Connecting, unplugging the mind and changing life, on a global level within INDIRALife. 


Jessica Young

Digital Marketing Manager

B.B.A Business/Commerce

Having personally experienced seeing her dreams being fulfilled beyond what she could have ever imagined, through unplugging her Mind and learning to Connect to her Self; Jessica brings a passion to her commitment of having people globally see their lives change through the INDIRAlife programs.

In her role as a strategist for developing an on-line international platform for INDIRAlife.com, Jessica leads our integrated digital marketing campaigns from concept to execution. Her professional background gives us the opportunity to saturate the digital market through proper avenues to bring the message of INDIRAlife.com to the public. She is responsible for our digital marketing channels and social media platforms.