From Chapter 1: The Journey of Self Continues

The Duality — Two Distinct Journeys Unfolding Simultaneously
On this journey that we chose, we live in the duality of living from the Mind and from the Self. The "knowing" of our journey as a duality allows us to experience both the Mind and our Self as two separate and distinct energies.

The following is designed to give you an experience of holding both the Mind and Self in duality.

Take a moment to close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Now allow yourself to presence that you have a Mind, a Body, and a Spirit. Presence your Spirit as You—called your Self. Imagine that it is this You that chose to have a Body and a Mind such that You can know your Self as a divine being. This “knowing” is an energy that resonates within you, as You. 

Imagine the Mind as an energy that creates itself as You. Imagine living like you are your Mind when you are not. Bring forth an awareness that within the Mind’s energy, your Self never gets to experience itself as real. Create for yourself the duality of your Mind as separate and distinct from your Self. Hold both. Your access to your Self lives in honoring the duality of Mind and Self.