YOU: A Spiritual Being on a Spiritual Journey, a New Paradigm for Living Life teaches you how to unplug your Mind and listen to your Self for answers that change your life.

More than just a reading book, each Chapter is deliberate in guiding you to understand the difference between the part of you called your Mind and your Self.

There are exercises as you read the chapters that link you to the author herself, guiding you through the process of learning how to hear your Mind’s conversations. This process begins to change areas of your life as you apply these tools to situations you are currently dealing with.   

Pioneering a unique and distinct pathway for human beings to live a fulfilling life – Indira provides another pathway to have the life you want. Not as a concept but as an actual reality.

How to use this book as a tool to change your life

You’ll experience and learn how to unplug your Mind and change your life with Indira’s MP3 links throughout the book. In Chapter 9 Indira provides you with several possible life situations that each come with an MP3 link to her personally guiding you through the area you picked, for your unique answers and actions.

The Book’s Glossary is a powerful reference as you read and follow a new way of understanding how you can change your life.

You can use this book as a companion to the Change Your Life Program or it can be used independently on it’s own.

Click here for details on the Change Your Life Program and read the testimonials from members here.


Indira has a uniquely different approach in her book that is truly life altering. This book has given me an entire new outlook on not just my life but life in general. A must read for anyone that wants to truly change their life completely. A book for all time and definitely a keeper in my library. I can’t tell you how many times I have referred back to it to keep me on track with my new way of living. My life can and will never be the same. I thank her for her life long passion and commitment to living from Self. I can’t wait to read her next book I sure hope there are more coming!!!    Rose. L


Indira has brought what has been lingering in the background of life to the forefront. She is paving the way for a new way to live life in unity in the world with this book. A must read.   Natalie.C


This book touches the essence of how to live a fulfilled life. You can feel the impact on your everyday life, your relationships and your decisions. A must read!   George. D