From Chapter 1: The Journey of Self Continues

A Shift in Awareness Activates your Journey. 
Your shift in awareness begins in distinguishing your Mind as separate from who you are. This is the awareness that activates a new paradigm: that you  are not your Mind.

Here is an audio exercise designed to begin to open up this new awareness:

• Choose a situation in your life where you find yourself struggling, where you experience some turmoil or unknown in how to handle things to be fulfilled in that area. Now, take a moment to pause and close your eyes. Begin to listen to what your Mind has to say about that area. All of the thoughts and words you are hearing are your Mind. YOU are not those words and thoughts: that is your Mind. Observe these thoughts as your Mind. Listen to what is being said from the awareness that this is your Mind. All of it is the Mind. 

• Now bring forth the awareness that you have a Mind and a Self. If you are observing your Mind’s thoughts,  then who is it that is doing the observing? It is your Self. It is another dimension of you that is as real as your Mind. Begin to relate to your Self as a new reality. In this moment you have brought forth an experience of your Self that is as real as your experience of your Mind. 

• Now, imagine you can unplug your Mind and Listen to your Self. Keeping your eyes closed, listen again. Listen for the softer tone and vibration. Listen for what is present from your Self about the situation you’ve been struggling with. This Self is You. It is what is real. It is always in communication about what is occurring in all areas of your journey. It is the part of you that lives on after You have left your Body. Bring this awareness to the forefront as a truth. Allow yourself to be in the awareness of your Self as You.

• Now open your eyes and take a moment to journal what the Mind is saying and then journal what your Self is saying. You will be within the experience of the difference between the two. This is the awareness of the “knowing” of your Self as who you are. It is this Self that has fused with a Body and a Mind to experience a journey of knowing itself. You are now on a journey to experience your Self as YOU!