From Chapter 1: The Journey of Self Continues

The Body — A Vessel for the Journey
Your body allows you a physical form in which to experience the journey of Self. The Mind has us relate to our Body as who we are. This is an illusion generated by the Mind. It keeps having you misidentify your Body as your Self. In the new paradigm, you will see your Self and then see your Body.

Getting Present to the Body

Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Release all of the Mind’s thoughts. Now, presence your Body as a vessel for your Self—an eternal vibration of energy called You. With each breath imagine and presence the energy and vibration of You, as an eternal energy, in each cell. Presence the moment You chose to enter this journey at conception. 

The Self ignited the spark that formed the Body as a vessel for its vibration. Imagine, from your Self, the Body being honored for the intricate and exquisite way it works and functions. This is a new perspective from which to hold your Body. It is an energy that vibrates with the essence of your highest Self.