From Chapter 1: The Journey of Self Continues

The 'Set-Up" — Your Relationship with Parents, Family, Spouses, Partners, Siblings
Your conception was not arbitrary or random. You chose the parents and family you were born into — everything about your life was known to you as you chose to be conceived — your race, culture, nationality, etc. were all part of that choosing.

The following exercise is designed to begin to presence our energy from our Self, distinct from our Mind, with the most important people in our lives.

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath and release the Mind’s thoughts. Presence your parents, siblings, friends, partners, and spouses. As you continue to let go of the Mind’s thoughts, bring forth the awareness that each person around you in your life is designed to evoke energies that disconnect you from being your Self with their Self. Picture each person individually and presence where there is a disconnect from love between the two of you. Notice the Mind’s thoughts about this person. 

Choose to “see” this person through the view of your Self, not your Mind. Then bring forth the awareness and listen for your Self’s thoughts about this person. Each perspective will presence a different paradigm. The journey of life is only about shifting from your Mind to your Self. It is from your Self that you experience what you have come here for—to be your divine nature of love, peace, and oneness with the people in your life.