From Chapter 3: The New Paradigm—The Journey of Self

The Journey of Self
When you begin to relate to energy as another dimension of You, you begin to experience how you vibrate and resonate. We saw in the last chapter that the Mind's vibration is loud, urgent, commanding, and demanding; it's about control and survival, and it's always reacting to what's going on around you. 

When the Mind is being loud and overactive, here is a tool to help you quiet it:

1. Stop, close your eyes, and take a deep breath.

2. As you breathe in deeply imagine surrounding yourself in light. Breathe in the light, and as you exhale, imagine all the worries of the Mind floating away like little bubbles in the wind. Let go of all of the worry and con¬cern and fear.

3. Presence the knowing that your Mind is not You. Continue to release its control as you bring forth the “knowing” of your Self as You. 

4. Hold the energy of your Self as real. Let that vibration become real for you

5. Allow yourself to be in the vibration of your Self knowing that “all is well.”