From Chapter 3: The New Paradigm—The Journey of Self

The Energy and Design of Self
Our Self is real. It exists as an eternal vibrational essence. The energy of Self is designed to always have our Actions come from our divine nature.

A Tool to Begin This Shift in Awareness

• Close your eyes and take a deep breath, relax and let go of the thoughts coming from the Mind.

• Begin to presence your Self as Energy; feel it as a vibration.

• Begin at the top of your head and allow the energy and vibration of your Self to flow through your Body to the bottom of your feet.

• Imagine and presence yourself as an eternal energy that has chosen a physical form.

 • Allow this energy to become more and more real. 

• Presence the energy as a vibration that encompasses your Body until the Body is no longer there—just this vibration.

• Imagine yourself as a field of energy, a field of light.

• Be there with You as just energy.

• Hold this as a “knowing” of what is real as You.