The area of career is a very powerful part of our lives. It is where we spend the most time and where we define ourselves by what we do.  Having fulfillment, satisfaction, joy and real success in what we are doing consumes a lot of our thoughts. We strive for professional success and wanting to know that our career satisfies our self-worth.

In the Change Your Life Program you create a new path of discovering doing what you love. You let go of the Mind’s thoughts about where you are in your career. You begin to experience your value where you are and as you do this what fulfills and satisfies you comes to the forefront of your life.

Here are some situations in the area of Career that you could be dealing with:

  • Feeling unhappy in your job.

  • Wanting to advance your career.

  • Balancing work and your life.

  • Finding a job you love.


Some of the thoughts your Mind could be telling you about your Career are:

  • Why is getting this promotion so difficult

  • I’ll never get rewarded for how hard I work

  • No matter how hard I try I’ll never get the success I want

  • I can’t do what I love and make money

Read how our members changed the area of career in their life…

Giving up a high achieving career to creating a new life of real peace

I was a high achieving mortgage broker business owner and then the industry collapsed and I found myself without much work and frankly, not wanting anything to do with that field anymore. My Mind was filled with fear and urgency about what to do next and the boredom and the time and the perceived lack of money. Then I began unplugging my Mind and going to my Self for answers and found myself experiencing happiness in just “living” for long spans of time. I was listening to my “Self," not my Mind and what a relief it was. From my Self I got ‘Relax’ …from my Mind I heard “You have no time for that." My Self wanted me to make some long-needed repairs on the house, ….my Mind’s conversations were “no time for that, you’re not even making any money and the value of the house has sunk anyway...don’t throw good money after something bad." My Self was guiding me to spend some real time with family and friends while my Mind was saying “how’s that going to get you to the next thing...where’s the money in that?” Through unplugging my Mind and taking the actions from my Self I’ve enjoyed several years of peace and many moments of pure bliss and satisfaction in reconnecting with nature, my family, walking slowly each day with my very senior yellow lab and walking the journey with him to his passing. I did the repairs on my house and created a home I love. I’m often in amazement at how I could feel so utterly satisfied and trusting that whatever I am doing, I’m at the right place and it’s enough and I can enjoy it.

Resolving upsets at work without affecting our relationship

I had a personal friendly relationship with my supervisor. She was part of rolling out a new training and one day, she confronted me about her problem with a specific form that was part of my job. I understood that I would not be evaluated on the new training for my job performance and when she confronted me I felt like I was being evaluated on something that months before I was told I wouldn’t be evaluated on. I got upset. I didn’t think I was coming across rude or mean I just got really upset in our conversation. She snapped at me, accused me of attacking her and told me to walk away… in that moment I chose to unplug my Mind and take a deep breath. Because of my training in unplugging my Mind I had the ability to unplug my Mind in that moment. I said “I am really sorry if you feel that way… this is why I am upset”. I then explained what I thought was happening. I didn’t walk away. I stayed with her and calmly explained my point of view. She acknowledged what I was saying and we worked it out, right then and there. Nothing affected our relationship, we were still friendly after that. And I was so relieved! If I didn’t unplug my Mind I would have walked away, moved away and my relationship with her would have suffered going forward. I would have carried that upset with my every single day to work.

In the CHANGE YOUR LIFE PROGRAM you can unplug the thoughts your Mind is telling you and listen for the answers unique to you from the part of you we call – your Self.

These are the answers and actions that give you different results in this area.