This program is designed for those dealing with current challenges in their life and wondering what to do. If you are experiencing any area of your life that isn’t working the way you want it … for example, your relationships or career, attaining your goals,  finding your purpose, a loss of vitality for life, experiencing peace after a loss or illness and much more ... this program is for YOU.

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Rose tried everything to deal with her anxiety that she had most of her life…
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How The CHANGE YOUR LIFE Program Works


Get monthly access to video and audio tools, exercises and content that will guide and train you to bring positive change in any area of your life. The program is designed for you to go through specific tools each day, each week and each month. It’s that simple!


Listen to a 5 minute DAILY CONNECTION AUDIO, this will train you to unplug your mind every day. Check your EMAILS daily for motivations, inspirations and powerful exercises designed to bring positive change to your life.


Follow a 1 hour DIGITAL CORE TRAINING, where you will follow video exercises in 4 simple steps. Here you will get to choose an area of your life, unplug your mind in that area, and get trained in the practice of Connecting to your Self for clarity guidance and answers. This is the core of the program that will source the positive change in your life.


Join a live 1 hour TRAINING CALL led by Indira Dyal-Dominguez on topics that are relevant for your life. Have the opportunity to interact with exercises designed to alter your life, directly while on the call.


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Here are examples of how our members have changed their lives with Indira.

Jessica in her RELATIONSHIPS... 

Shifting arguments in my marriage from upsets to building a stronger relationship

I woke up early one morning while my husband was still asleep and cooked him breakfast just the way he like it (eggs, cheese, with bacon, on toast butter both sides). He woke up and made himself a bowl of cereal. I became upset, and said, “I made you an egg sandwich just the way you like it."  He said “If I wanted an egg sandwich I would have asked for one.”  “I don’t want that, I want cereal." I got upset, he got upset at me and an argument spun out of control. A familiar scenario, I was in an experience of the hopelessness of my marriage. From my Mind it was never going to ‘work’, no matter what I did he would never ‘get me’. I was done, ‘just leave’. 

I did the 4-step core process and the answer that came from my Self was—“let it go."  When my husband came home I did just that. From my Mind I would ordinarily want to talk about it, apologize or demand an apology. That evening I just let it go and said nothing about what happened. 

The rest of the weekend was absolutely amazing as I continued to “let go” of the Mind. We had friends who came over that evening for a barbecue. We worked together as a team as I continued to unplug my Mind.

I became clear that my husband and I are always going to have arguments and knowing that I can unplug my Mind when this happens has made my marriage stronger. 

Sue in her CAREER...

Feeling overworked to being praised and rewarded for my performance

Unplugging my Mind and Connecting to my Self has become a special activity that has changed my life.  For me this experience has become an invaluable part of my life and one that I look forward to. I like especially Connecting in the early morning before I start my day or the end of the day before I go to sleep, It’s my own special time where I can go for my answers and I mean MY answers. Prior to learning to Connect through Indira’s work, I did not have this special space. One of the areas that changed with this practice is my career. 

With a sudden leadership change I was asked to completely change my schedule to tremendous traveling. I now had to work much longer hours and was expected to deliver instantly and produce extraordinary results — all while planning a destination wedding. I started out being angry, frustrated and exhausted and my new boss was not thrilled as she read my feelings. I began learning to unplug my Mind and Connect to my Self. I was able to get in touch with what I was really feeling and how to work through the situation. Within weeks my work life changed completely. The results were being produced effortlessly and my boss told me directly I had changed, that she did not know what I had done but keep in up. Well it is six months later and I just received my glowing evaluation and a substantial raise and I am now more empowered at work than I ever have been.  By the way the wedding and shower were a hit and everyone said they did not know how this was done, knowing my schedule. 

Knowing that I can tell the difference between my Mind and my Self through Connecting has my journey be peaceful and I have a knowing that everything will just work out. I never lived from this pace before.

Kate in her HEALTH...

Finding peace through a painful knee recovery

I recently had knee surgery and had to go through rigorous physical therapy. Usually the physical therapy sessions are very painful, and when I go through the Change My Life Program core training, the pain regularly feels more bearable. I still have very painful days through my recovery, but it’s really amazing considering that unplugging my Mind has dimmed down my fear for and experience of severe pain, and it has made me more courageous to push myself more on the road to full recovery. 

If I didn’t have the ability to unplug my Mind for my health, I would not be as focused on my recovery and from my Mind I would let other life demands take over my physical therapy sessions and my body’s desperate need to rest. My health would have continued to deteriorate.

Lisa in her FINANCES...

I got rid of the stress to make money and started to enjoy life.

I always was taught to make decisions in my career that were related to money. Questions like, “Will that give you more money? Will you get a raise? When are you getting that next promotion?," was constantly the center of conversations with my family. That drive was so embedded in me that it gave me sleepless nights, made me always question my career related decisions, and had me always feeling like I was never going to reach this endless path of getting to “success” and “wealth.” 

When I began unplugging my Mind I released these thoughts and began to get different answers and actions from my Self. I heard “All is well’, “you will be fine”, ‘Trust that what you have is sufficient." This began to change my thinking. The fears and concerns of ‘I’ll never have enough money to be OK’ went to the background. 

I started trusting and acting from my Self and my experience of life shifted to feeling peaceful and confident in my decisions around money in my career, my expenses and my overall personal finances. My life changed. I COULD enjoy a weekend with my family and friends and not worry about my future financially. As my concerns about making money diminished I received 3 promotions and 2 unexpected raises within 2 years. 

I started to live my life rather than living to make money.

Rose with OTHER...

Eliminating a life of feeling defeated to one of self-worth and living as my trueself

I was always searching outside of myself to find relief to fix all of my problems. So I would run to one doctor to the next to a friend to a relative etc. to find relief or have questions answered. It was like going around on a carousel with zero progress. In the end it left me very discouraged, depleted, and with feelings of defeat that I couldn’t help myself. It made me feel helpless and extremely discouraged, like I was damaged beyond repair. I really was tired of feeling like a victim to my circumstances. 

I am a very skeptical person by nature, so in the beginning I was very leery to put a lot of hope in this process. But after working with Indira for the past several months she has made me realize that what she does is truly her calling. She made me feel that she was really vested in the entire process, not only for me, but for mankind. I know that might sound crazy or something that would be unimaginable to comprehend, but I felt it was a life-changing experience for me. Her passion, her vision, her care, her devotion and her unique perspective about unplugging my Mind and Connecting to my Self for answers and actions, were really life altering for me. 

I am more myself than I have ever been in my life. I have a sense of purpose. I have conquered the fears and anxiety that take over my life when I am in situations that feel out of my control. My personal relationships with my spouse, children, parents, siblings, and friends have ALL changed. I am happier, more fulfilled and live with a sense of peace I never knew was possible.

Today's the day to start changing your life. 

For only $49 a month