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5-15 mins. Each, Just Listen

Unplug Audios are designed for you to release your mind’s thoughts, opinions and decisions about an area. You release the mind’s control that keeps you feeling stuck, creates stress, anxiety, concerns, worries and fears.

With each audio you’ll experience a new sense of peace, calm and freedom, opening you up to hear your Self.


10-15 mins. Each, Have a Notebook and Pen

Connection Audios are designed to release your mind’s thoughts allowing you to listen for guidance, answers and actions from your Self.

You’ll focus on a situation or relationship where you want different results.


10-20 minutes Each, Have a Notebook and Pen

Exercise Audios are designed to bring to the surface your mind’s thoughts about a specific situation or area of your life.

With each exercise you’ll reveal more and more of why situations in your life are the way they are. You’ll uncover the feelings, emotions and thoughts that are keeping you stuck and holding you back in this area.



45-60 mins. Each, Have a Notebook and Pen
Once a month you participate in a live call with Indira. These calls are designed to dive deeper into topics relevant to your life. For example “breaking through an area of life that feels stuck” or “shifting your finances from concern to freedom.” On each call Indira guides you in Connections designed to the particular topics. These calls are recorded so that you can listen to and experience them again.



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