with Indira


I’m so excited to share this program with you!

My online program is designed to give you everything you need to live your life from the practice of Connecting.

Like you, I’ve spent many years looking for how to get the life that I wanted. While I tried many things including meditation, rebirthing, energy work, reading self-help books, listening to many tapes and videos – they ALL still kept my mind in control of my life.

I realized that if I kept listening to my mind, I was never going to have the life I wanted.

I discovered that I could UNPLUG my mind and hear my intuitive Self, on demand.

It wasn’t until I listened to that voice within that I had the power to change my life. From then on, every single area of my life changed with the practice of Connecting.




In the Change your life program you get to see how the mind has been directing different areas of your life for the current life you have - in your job, with your body, in your relationships, with your children, etc.

You begin to understand how you are ALWAYS being influenced by what your mind has to say about what’s happening in your life. You learn how to see your mind’s thoughts about EVERYTHING it’s always telling you -  how to feel, what to think, what decisions to make.

For example, we currently get information from searching online, reading books, talking to our friends and family in order to process what we should do in our life. BUT this still keeps the mind’s control of our life because all of the information we get is STILL being processed by the mind.

With the practice of Connecting you actually learn how to UNPLUG your mind.

You get trained to listen for the clarity, guidance and answers from your intuitive Self.

You begin to have a new relationship to your intuitive Self as the part of you that has the answers you’re looking for.


As a mother of two young kids I went from feeling like I had no time for myself and I was the last person on the totem pole to stopping belittling myself and appreciating what a great mother and wife I am! I actually started my own business and lost 30 pounds!!




A Daily 5-Minute Audio Connection will guide you through unplugging your mind. With this daily tool you’ll experience immediate results that shift the experience of your day.

  • You will experience less stress about situations that come up in your day

  • You will discover a new sense of peace from unplugging the chatter of your mind

  • Your reactions and responses to situations that come up change as you lessen the control of your mind

Weekly emails will bring a new perspective to your life with easy to follow tips, and audio and video exercises.

  • You begin to live a lifestyle from your intuitive Self as each email shifts your experience of your day/life.

  • Your perspective of life changes. You begin to take actions that change your relationships (to yourself, your family, friends, coworkers, children, etc.)

  • You get a deeper understanding of the mind’s control and learn how to release it, on demand.

Your group monthly training call is where you get personal guidance from Indira, in your practice of Connecting. This interactive call is where you get deeper training designed to create results in your life. Q&A sessions allow you to ask questions about what you are dealing with in your life so that you get support to change your life.  

  • You get practical in-life training for how to use Connecting for your life. Designed to bring you the results for a life you want.

  • You receive feedback and input on the guidance and answers you get from your intuitive Self.

  • You are supported with Indira’s expertise in training people so that your life moves forward, in the area(s) important to you.

You’ll have 24/7 access to training audios and videos that guide you through the practice of Connecting in your life. Led by Indira, this training is simple and easy to follow.  


As a young adult dealing with anxiety I went from being on medication and feeling alone, isolated from people and the world to knowing my worth and how much I matter. I got off of all medication and now consider myself a social person!!



You’ll experience results immediately as your days become calmer and more peaceful (the daily stress of life begins to go to the background).

In the first 3 months, you will notice you are less reactive to things that bother you in your life. Situations and relationships that would typically create concern, worry or stress for you start to disappear. The constant thoughts and chatter from your mind get quieter. You find yourself trusting the intuitive part of your more. You begin to take actions that come from your intuitive Self.

By the 6th month, you begin to see unexpected results in areas of your life. You start to live with a strong sense of fulfillment and meaning in your day-to-day living. You experience the joy in your relationships that bring happiness to your life. Getting clarity, answers and guidance from your Self becomes easier as you continue to master the practice of Connecting.

Like any practice, it takes time and your commitment to experience ongoing results. Each month that follows brings more power to your practice of Connecting.

Beyond 6 months, living life from your intuitive Self becomes natural and the results for a life you want become effortless.


The Change Your Life program is a monthly program.

You may cancel at anytime. If you choose to cancel, you will continue being in the program until the month you have paid for is complete.

$49 / MONTH