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My online program is designed to make it simple and easy for you to live your life from the practice of Connecting.




In the Change Your Life program you will begin Connecting to different areas of your life.

This is how your life begins to change.

  • Get Daily Guided Connections to unplug your mind’s chatter. This is the chatter that currently consumes your life (even if it may be in the background).

  • Get audio and video exercises to guide you through the practice of Connecting in areas of your life. You’ll unplug your mind’s control in those areas to get guidance and answers from your intuitive Self.

  • Join live monthly training calls led by Indira that bring a deeper understanding of how to get the results you want in your life.

  • Have 24/7 access to the video series to practice Connecting on situations in your life that are stressful and create concern and worry. You shift these areas as your listen to your intuitive Self for guidance, answers and actions. These actions create align your life with the results that you want.

You will experience your life changing and your relationships becoming more meaningful and fulfilling.

The things you want in your life become simple and effortless.




You can use the Change Your Life Program to address ANY concerns or challenges you face in life.

Here are some examples

  • How to deal with stress, anxiety and depression

  • Shift upsets, worries and concerns to peace and calm

  • Having a loving nurturing personal relationship

  • How to be a great parent under all circumstances

  • How to guide and direct your children to be their best self

  • Being in a career that makes you happy and fulfilled

  • Having your relationships with family and friends be satisfying and nurturing

  • Find and live your purpose in life



How the Change Your Life Program works

  • A 5 minute Daily Audio Connection is designed to UNPLUG the mind’s chatter and concerns each day giving you peace and calm during your day.

  • Audio and Video Emails and Exercises are designed to deepen your experience of Connecting. You develop a new perspective of your life from your Self.

  • 24/7 access to your member login. Access videos designed  to guide you through the practice of Connecting anywhere, anytime. Here you will be trained in getting the guidance and answers from your intuitive Self.

  • Monthly Training Calls, led personally by Indira, are experiential training sessions where you get a deeper understanding of how to get the results you want in your life. You will also have archives of past training calls on various topics.

The INDIRA Life team is available to support you with questions and guidance.



Benefits of the Program

This program is unique to your life, giving you benefits that are very personal and experiential.

Here are some of the benefits that our members experienced.

As a mother of two young kids I went from feeling like I had no time for myself and I was the last person on the totem pole to stopping belittling myself and appreciating what a great mother and wife I am! I actually started my own business and lost 30 pounds!!
As a young adult dealing with anxiety I went from being on medication and feeling alone, isolated from people and the world to knowing my worth and how much I matter. I got off of all medication and now consider myself a social person!!
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“The life you want is waiting for you.
You CAN have it NOW - with Connecting.”



Let’s start changing your life today.