What is Connecting

You have a Mind - which you can't see but you can hear if you close your eyes. 
You have a Self - which you can't see but you can be trained to hear, as clearly as you currently hear your Mind. 

Connecting is the practice that you can be trained to learn, that allows you to hear answers from your intuitive Self. These answers are unique to you and any area of your life. These answers will lead you to intuitively improve your life for the ultimate peace, fulfillment and happiness.  

What's the difference between mind and self? 

Let's start here - the Self works differently than the Mind. Your Mind operates from fear, concern and worry. It is important for you to recognize that your Mind is wired to be your survival guide in this lifetime (for example: I was emotionally hurt once by a situation and so if a similar situation in my lifetime comes up again I will avoid it by reacting to it from what my Mind tells me). 

Your Self, on the other hand, operates from the intuitive part of you that has inner wisdom. Your Self defies the logic of the Mind. Your Self is wired to align your life with your purpose and fulfillment this lifetime. It's distinct and different from your Mind. 

HOW DO THOSE PRODUCE REAL RESULTS that intuitively improve life?

Accessing your Self for answers allows you to access the part of you that is intuitive and has inner wisdom - these answers that the Mind cannot see or know. Your Self is the part of you that makes no logical sense to your Mind . . . your Self is what produces real results in your life that are outside the limits of your Mind. When you access your Self for answers, you move into a life that is more fulfilled, happy and at peace. (Know someone who made a decision or action that totally defies logic? Yet somehow it moved their life into a different direction and produced a different result?)

Connecting allows YOU to have those real results. 

Connecting is a new way of living life. It is the only tool that assures true peace and fulfillment this lifetime. It is the only tool that provides answers that are unique to you.

Other programs give you generalized tips, answers, techniques, quick-fixes and tell you what would work for you. 

Connecting is having the answers in your life arise from your innate knowing. The part of your that houses inner wisdom. Through Connecting as a practice in your life, you become someone who can access answers at anytime to live a better life.

You become someone that can Connect to your Self on demand. 

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