The Connecting Counts Program is dedicated to inspiring kids and youths to live free from the concerns and worries of their mind allowing them to realize and live their full potential.

This program reveals what kids are dealing with that rarely gets to be known, seen or heard until after the fact.




In our society kids, children and teenagers are influenced by the internet, media, TV shows, peers, games and their social interactions. These all contribute to how they see themselves and their actions.

Consequently, the only place they go to is their thoughts and make decisions from their mind. They believe what they think about themselves and life is true. What they think becomes the only way they know how to respond and react to life’s situations.


We make the mistake of thinking our thoughts are who we are. Our thoughts come from our mind and is based on our past experiences, other people’s opinions and decisions. The illusion is - We believe who we are and what we should do is what our mind tells us about ourself and life.

This creates a feeling of not belonging or fitting in which could lead to anxiety, fear and depression. This disconnects them from knowing themselves as special, worthwhile, unique and worthy.

Kids are struggling with suicide, depression/anxiety, drugs/alcohol, violence, bullying which are all coming from the illusion – we believe who are and what we should do is what our mind tells us.

Currently we are trying to fix these problems with medications, therapy, discipline and parental controls.


The Solution the Connecting Counts Program provides:

In this program, we focus on the thoughts that come from the mind.

These are the thoughts that begin the cycle of having kids feel – sad, upset, fearful, disappointed, insecure, insufficient, insignificant, lack of confidence, an experience of not being heard and not being known.

We show them another part to them we call their-  Self. By giving them access to their Self, through Connecting, their experience of their life completely alters.  The practice of Connecting releases and disappears the mind’s thoughts leaving them centered, confident and free to be with any situation.


Some of the benefits of the Connecting Counts Program

  • release stress, concern and worry

  • open up to new possibilities

  • handle situations without fear and with confidence  

  • to no longer be at the effect of situation of peer pressures

  • increase self-esteem and self worth.

  • having an inner strength

  • knowing the experience do joy and peace in their lives



Our intention in bringing the tool of Connecting to the youths of today. Having Connecting as a way of living will reduce and eliminate the feelings that come with adolescence where children and teens find themselves trying to fit into life, feeling disconnected like they don’t belong.

We empower each child to live from the part of them we call – the Self.