The Connecting Counts Program
for Preteens and Teens

bringing the practice of Connecting to schools,
parents, preteens and teenagers  


INDIRA Life introduces The Connecting Counts Program, releasing the champion within, for preteens and teens.

We train preteens and teens in the practice of Connecting. In this practice they learn how to UNPLUG their minds’ constant chatter and thoughts about themselves and their life. They then learn to hear the guidance and answers from within, their intuitive Self.


This new practice is a revolutionary way of living.

With Connecting they begin to observe their mind’s control over their thoughts. They begin to understand that the thoughts they’re having are coming from their mind. And, these thoughts are not who they are.

They learn how to unplug the mind’s disempowering thoughts and listen for the guidance and answers that come from their intuitive Self.

This new lifestyle of Connecting changes how they feel about what’s happening in their life. It increases their self-worth and self-confidence.

They find themselves trusting the champion within.



Changing Lives with
The Connecting Counts Program


Parents, teachers and schools are dealing with how to effectively help preteens and teenagers cope in a changing social environment.

Parents and schools are finding themselves dealing with unique and unprecedented challenges on a daily basis. This is driven by the behaviors of preteens and teens today along with the influence of technology which impacts how they think, feel and relate to life around them.

From anxiety, depression, attention disorders, feeling isolated and detached, bullying and suicide – these changes are happening faster than our ability to find effective solutions.

The practice of Connecting, reduces and eliminates fear, anxiety and depression. Preteens and teens live with a new sense of confidence, knowing they can release the champion within.

From having their mind’s thoughts telling them “you are failing” to listening to their intuitive Self saying “YOU are fine” - teens have a new experience of how they see and relate to themselves, with this new practice of Connecting.



The Connecting Counts Program
… release the champion within  

This drug-free approach is a game changer
for the life of your preteens and teens.

We partner with schools to develop presentations for their students and for parents of their students.

We partner with parents to work with their preteens and teens in group settings or individually.


Contact us to learn more about the Connecting Counts Program for your needs.



Her Son’s Life Changed

Read a parent’s experience of how her son’s life changed with the practice of Connecting.


As a mother, the wellbeing of my family was first above everything else. For the longest time I struggled with how to help my now 12 year old son, when he would become nervous and anxious. This extreme fear would take over him when his routine changed. For example, going on vacations he would get anxious and ask repeatedly where we were going and if there would be a lot of people there, in an nervous and obsessive way. This behavior had an impact in the simple things in life, for example, going to the movies would create anxiety if he saw on the news there was a shooting, as he would begin to question his own safety.

My husband and I realized his over vigilant reactions were something to be concerned about, because our other son never had the same fear, concerns or worries.

Since he was 10 years old, I began to do everything I could to help him make it go away. Every time his anxiety and worry occurred my heart broke feeling like my child was being robbed of his childhood. This became my mission!


I took him to different therapists and specialists. Taught him to meditate, do tapping, and I am a firm believer of praying… and so much more. My husband and I would stay up in the middle of the night searching on google for new and different methods that could help him. Some things helped but would quickly feel like temporary solutions. I was running out of solutions and beginning to feel hopeless.

I felt like I was living with a constant knot in my stomach, trying to maintain a calm exterior but the stress, panic and feeling like a failure was building up inside of me.

I had began the practice of Connecting and was beginning to feel less panicked about being a mother that couldn’t help my child.

One day driving back from school my son began to have a nervous episode. I immediately had the thought to have him listen to a Connection – where you unplug the mind and listen for the guidance and answers from your intuitive Self.

Given I was working one-on-one with Indira at the time, I felt like this was my last resort.  

To my surprise, he quietly listened and when it was over (15 minutes later) he looked at me and said “I feel better Mommy, thank you.”

When he looked at me, I could see that he had hope - that something finally worked, clicked and gave him a sense of peace.

I WAS SHOCKED. I BECAME EMOTIONAL.  I FELT HOPE. In that moment my life changed!

From that moment onward, the crying stopped and I felt him just being himself without the nervousness and anxiety. For example, he began having a typical conversation about how school went that day for the rest of the ride home.

I knew this was something different and special. So I put him in the Connecting Counts program for one-on-one work with Indira. Within months he was turning into someone that I, for years, could not have imagined. He began living his life!

He became calmer and was immediately proactive about the Connecting Counts program. He  looked forward to his calls and his homework (practicing Connecting exercises). He would ask me “when is my next call with Indira” as though they were best friends. It didn’t feel forced or like work to him. It was what he wanted to do!

The joy that it brought me as a mother, to watch him change was priceless.

I began to observe how different he was becoming. He gained confidence and his self esteem increased drastically. The following school year he became the president of his school - all from his own initiation! He asked me to try out for the basketball team (which would never have happened in the past) and he went on to now being a part of three different basketball leagues. He is living his life. He is enjoying his life. I feel like he is finally having a normal childhood without the nervousness and anxiety getting in the way.  

Watching your children blossom into the best versions of themselves is exactly what the Connecting Counts program delivers. I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to introduce the practice of Connecting to my son, and soon my other son. This is the only way I now know to give them their best lives.

You can probably imagine how much this has changed me as a parent!

I know how much we as parents want for our children and given everything I went through, I had to bring the practice of Connecting to all parents and kids.

I chose to partner with Indira to bring this to schools and parents as the Director of the Connecting Counts program.

If my story inspired you and you have any questions about the Connecting Counts program please feel free to email me at