The Connecting Program is a revolutionary new program that teaches youths how to use the power that lies within them through the practice of Connecting. It allows them to release the champion within to focus on the unique and personal messages that come from the authentic part of who they truly are at their core. This new and powerful practice uses Connecting as a new tool for them to claim their lives and move forward with joy and ease throughout their life. 

Are you worried about your child and seek to help them in ways that traditional methods have failed? 

Then you’re in the right place. The Connecting Counts program provides the necessary tools to help the youth of today succeed in unimaginable ways. We as parents are always trying to help find what gives our children the most positive experience for the best expression of themselves. When you see your child struggling with any issue big or small it turns a parent and a family inside out. Now you have a solution to the answers you have been waiting for. The time is now to begin to help your child learn to help themselves by the practice of Connecting.