About Indira Dyal-Dominguez

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Welcome! I’m super excited that you’re here! Here are some things to know about me.

I’m a published author, a global speaker, a master and leader in the difference between the logical mind and the intuitive Self. I have spent the past 2 decades leading workshops, conferences and events to hundreds of people and I am now bringing this to you through my online programs, inspiring videos, newsletters, articles and personal coaching.

I am a lover of all things people – I am passionate about each person knowing they can have their lives work – in their relationships, as a parent, with their families, with themselves, in their career, with their purpose. I believe that this is only possible when we can separate our logical mind from our intuitive Self. These 2 parts of us are different and each shapes a different life. One brings with it worry, concern, fear, stress and the other an intuitive knowing that fosters compassion for yourself and others, peace under any situation, an aliveness and wisdom that defines the mind’s logic. Learning this difference gives you direct access to the life you want.

I’ve been married to my husband Paul or 20 years, a journey that is only possible from the practice of Connecting. My next love is my family and friends whose love and support is a source of joy in my life. 



I am here to inspire change from within… and provide a revolutionary perspective to your life by sharing my tools that has already changed hundreds of lives.

I am the founder of Connecting, the practice that allows you hear your mind’s conversations and decisions which over time become real and keep you from making decisions that move your life forward. 

In Connecting you discover that the intuitive part of you called your Self provides the clarity and guidance that can create the life you want. You release your mind and learn how to listen, trust and act from your Self.

THIS IS WHERE IT ALL BEGINS. Having your life work  is simple and possible and each person I work with gets to experience their life change to the life they want with my training and tools.