When Life Isn't Working...

You feel stressed... You feel anxious... 
You may not sleep at night and thoughts keep running through your head about how things should be, or could be, or need to be in order to make it work. It feels difficult to know what changes to make for that area of life to go the way you want it to go.

It can feel like no matter where you go to figure it out, you aren't sure about what's going to work. This then sends you looking for more information to solve what you're dealing with. You then you go to friends, family, experts, books, etc. 

INDIRA was created to show you a different place to get your answers. A place that has proven to change many lives that weren't working, to having them work. 


Trust that you landed on this page for a reason...
and let me take you through how simple it is for you to have your life work.

Hundreds of people, just like you, decided to use INDIRA to make their life work. They didn’t settle for a life that "kind of worked", but they watched their lives change to truly work beyond what they thought could ever happen.


Meet me, Indira Dyal-Dominguez...

I’m a published author, a global speaker, a master and leader in training and guiding people in making their life work (beyond what they ever thought could happen for them). 

I have spent the past 2 decades leading workshops, conferences and events to hundreds of people and I am now bringing this to you. I've watched people change their lives through my online programs, videos, newsletters, articles and personal coaching. 

My mission in life is for everyone to experience their life working. So that a mother can feel being loved by her child, no matter how impossible that may seem. That someone living in fear because of their circumstances can live in peace. So that someone who feels like life is hopeless can find joy and meaning in their life that they never knew existed. I know this is possible. 

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Now, let's get to YOU
and making YOUR life work...

I have designed a program where you can choose an area of your life that you feel isn't working. We look at where your current life results are coming from and then train you to get different answers to make that area of your life work. 

The area could be as specific as "I am looking for my perfect job" and "I argue so much with my significant other" OR as big as "my health is on a downward spiral" and "anxiety has taken over every area of my life."