What is Connecting? 


This program is designed for those dealing with current challenges in their life and wondering what to do. It may be your relationships or career, attaining your goals, finding your purpose, a loss of vitality for life, finding peace after a loss or illness and much more. This program will allow you to access the part of you called your Self that you have never been trained to do, since as humans we are trained to mainly listen through our minds. I can help you find what it is you truly want from your Self and get that sense of peace and satisfaction in your life that you haven’t been able to find before. It is after all…The Change Your Life Program.

How the change your life program works

You will have monthly access to video and audio tools, exercises and content that will alter your life. The program is designed for you to go through specific tools each day, each week and each month in your program. It’s that simple!


DAILY - Listen to a daily 5-minute Connection audio, this will train you to unplug your mind every day. Check your email for daily motivations, inspirations and exercises designed to bring a positive change to your way of living.

WEEKLY - Follow a 1-hour digital training, where you will do video exercises in 4 simple steps. Here you will be able to choose an area of your life, unplug your mind in that area, and Connect to your Self for clear guidance and answers. This is the core of the program that will create the changes in your life.

MONTHLY - join a live one hour call led by Indira on topics that are relevant for your life. Have the opportunity to unplug your mind and Connect to your Self live, while on the call.


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