Your journey to the life you want begins this Saturday with

The Power of  Connecting
The Power of  YOU

Most of the time we act from the mind, which is cluttered with past experiences and other people’s opinions. What’s waiting to be discovered is the intuitive part of you – your Self.

Connecting is different and unique because it is the only practice that unplugs your mind allowing you to hear the intuitive part of you - your Self.

Begin to trust your intuitive Self and
get the answers and results for the life you want now.

The Power of  Connecting
The Power of  YOU

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Meet Indira Dyal-Dominguez

Published Author, global speaker
& Founder of the practice of "Connecting"

Meet Indira Dyal-Dominguez, founder of Connecting - the new practice that is revolutionizing how we work and live.

As a child Indira knew instinctively that there was more to life than work, getting married, having a family, paying bills and simply surviving life.

Something in her propelled her to search for the answers to – who am I and why am I here. 

She discovered that living from the Mind limits your life because your intuitive Self has the answers you seek. 

In 2000, she began guiding others in Connecting, the practice of releasing the Mind’s fears, concerns and worries to getting the answers and actions to be in from your intuitive Self … assuring a life of real peace and true joy

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This life-altering book has impacted the lives of our readers - here is what they shared

"An amazing explanation of why we are here, in this body, in this time, in this journey. Life occurs as difficult. This book explains why life seems difficult and provides the tools to bring peace to the journey."  - Karen
"This book touches the essence of how to live fulfilled life. You can feel the impact on your everyday life, your relationships and your decisions. A must read!"  -  George
"This is a phenomenal book. I have been practicing the techniques for looking for a new job. From this I redesigned my resume. I started getting responses to my resume and within week I had my first interview for a job that I am very interested in. I am waiting for my call back that I have the job. My energy level has shifted and I am naturally joyful, smiling more. From these techniques in the book how I see things has changed. I am not as fretful, worried or concerned. I am focused on what I want, not my worries or concerns about what I don't want.
I am now using the tools for my relationships, health and wellbeing. I can see that I will be able to use these tools the rest of my life, no matter what my circumstances. I have lost 12lbs and several inches off my waist and the rest of my body.
Thank You Indira for writing this book for all of us to discover ourselves from self."  -  Debbie