The area of Finances is one of the most powerful areas where your Mind has total and absolute control of your life’s survival. As an adult we are trained to pay attention to the area of finances for its importance in living. Our Mind is in a constant dialogue with us about how much money we have and whether it’s enough, and it uses this as a barometer for our happiness and fulfillment. 

When you begin to unplug your Mind you release the Mind’s worry and concern about money. You stop living from having to survive life. You begin to live in a new experience of freedom without the concerns and fears that your mind creates about having enough money to survive your life. This new opening puts you at the source of money versus having to make money to survive life. 

In the Change Your Life Program money becomes a tool for the journey of your life as your Mind’s wants and needs diminish. The stress, anxiety and fear that comes with the Mind’s survival disappears. You experience a new sense of abundance, more joy and happiness.  

Areas you could be dealing with in your Finances are:

  • Creating financial abundance

  • Debt Resolution

  • Having financial stability


Some of the thoughts your Mind could be telling you about your Finances are:

  • I’ll be happy when I have more money

  • I’ll never have enough to live the life I really want

  • How will I ever be able to retire

  • How can I afford to send my children to college

  • I’ll have to work for the rest of my life


Read how our members changed the area of finances in their life…

Releasing my fears of money to pursue my passion in life

I grew up in a family where making sure you are secure financially was the number one most important thing in life. How much you made was the only measurement of your worth. Recently I had the opportunity to start planning for a change in my career from a salaried employee to partnering in a startup business. I felt terrified. My Mind kept having thoughts like , “You’ll be homeless. No one will respect you. What if it fails? You’ll have to go back home and live with your parents. You have to give up your life.” I would have sleepless nights, wake up crying, have the shakes and was consumed by my Mind’s conversations that this is definitely NOT a good idea and NOT what I should do. But in my heart I knew this is what would make me happy. I knew this was my future. In the Change Your Life Program I broke away from my Mind’s fears, concerns and worry that I grew up with of staying in a job just for the money. The answers and actions I got from my Self gave me a different way to manage my finances. The fear and stress over having enough money to survive disappeared. I began to trust the part of me that knew this was the right decision to make in my life. I became filled with enthusiasm for what’s to come. I’m excited for my future and what’s ahead for my life.

In the CHANGE YOUR LIFE PROGRAM you can unplug the thoughts your Mind is telling you and listen for the answers unique to you from the part of you called – your Self.

These are the answers and actions that give you different results in this area.