We spend billions of dollars each year on our health. How we look and feel has become a big part of our life. Social media has brought more attention on this area and with it our Mind has become more critical of how we look and feel. This has become a source of stress, anxiety, and a lack of self-esteem and self-worth.

When you begin to unplug your Mind around your health you experience a love for your body that is not defined by how you look and feel. You learn to have love and compassion for yourself. You live confidently as you unplug your Mind’s constant conversations about what’s not ok with you or what you need to do to look and feel better. 

In the Change Your Life Program the worry and concerns of the Mind disappear. You begin to take actions that support your health and well-being.  A new love for yourself emerges and with it a deeper sense of peace, satisfaction and happiness becomes a new way of living your life. 

Areas you could be dealing with in your Health are: 

  • Living with stress, anxiety and fear

  • Losing or gaining weight/ Body image insecurities

  • Temporary or Chronic illness

  • Aging with a zest for life


Some of the thoughts your Mind could be telling you about your Health are:

  • I feel like my health is out of my control

  • I’ve tried everything and I still don’t look or feel good

  • I can’t believe I got this sick. Why me?

  • I’m never going to get better.  It’s hopeless

  • I’m afraid of getting older

Read how our members changed the area of health in their life…

Getting rid of my addiction to smoking

I was a smoker for years. I would never consider it an “addiction” but in a way, it was, I was reliant on it to get through my day and knew it was a bad habit that wasn’t good for my health. I always wanted to quit but no matter how hard I tried I felt jittery, anxious and physically ill whenever I would try to stop. I began the Change Your Life Program and the practice of unplugging my Mind. I noticed that I started to feel like I no longer wanted to smoke. This was very different for me given I always felt myself wanting to smoke versus wanting to NOT smoke. Within months I found myself just naturally not craving smoking. I began to Trust and Act from what I was getting from my Self and then, over time, without any stress, anxiety or physical symptoms I stopped smoking. What was so different is that the experience of quitting wasn’t a stressful one at all. Being smoke-free now has made me feel more energetic, I feel clear headed when I start my day, and my body feels rejuvenated. I know that without unplugging my Mind I would have continued to smoke and be in denial about how it affected my body and health.

From knowing I could be in wheelchair for the rest of my life to playing tennis again

I had a diagnosis of a tumor on my spine, and was told I had to go in for back surgery in 4 to 5 days. I said I needed a 2nd opinion. I just couldn’t believe that I would have a tumor. Around this time I was just starting to learn to unplug my Mind. I actually ended up getting several surgeries—three surgeries in four months. Prior to the third surgery, I couldn’t even walk. My leg had gone completely spastic, so I was in a wheel chair, and I was facing being a wheel chair for the rest of my life. There was just no place in my Mind that I could go to handle this, so I went to unplugging my Mind and Connecting to my Self for answers instead. I kept getting ..“You’re going to be alright, you’re going to be alright.” From my Mind, I had a hard time Trusting that. But every time I unplugged my Mind and listened for the answers from my Self I heard, “You’re going to be alright.” I was on a lot of medication, lying flat on my back and I was scared out of my Mind. There was a lot going wrong physically for me, I had spinal fluid leakage, and I had a scar-tissue block down my spine and I was in a lot of pain. Through all of that, I just kept Trusting what came from my Self…”You’re going to be OK." It was very difficult. My Mind was going crazy. Then as I unplugged my Mind I got to take this action from my Self “Walk on the treadmill. Build up the strength in your back." From my mind I didn’t want to do it because it was so painful and hard. But, when I got off the treadmill I felt so much better. In time the experience of hearing my Self got more and more real the more I Trusted and Acted on what I heard. I can now recognize what my Self sounds like and differentiate it from my Mind. There’s a lot of peace around it, and there’s a “knowing” that it will all turn out. Whatever it is, it will all turn out. I now play tennis again and have a full life with my friends, children and grandkids.

In the CHANGE YOUR LIFE PROGRAM you can unplug the thoughts your Mind is telling you and listen for the answers unique to you from the part of you called – your Self.

These are the answers and actions that give you different results in this area.