“I have discovered that by unplugging the mind and getting direct access to our intuition each of us has the power to change our life.”

-Indira Dyal-Dominguez




In meditation you learn how to QUIET your mind.

This gives you a sense of peace but you never get out of the mind’s control of your life. After your meditation you go back into your life dealing with the same situations and relationships.

In Connecting you learn how to UNPLUG your mind.

You release the mind’s control of your life and listen for the guidance and answers that come from your intuitive Self. You go back into your life with clarity and answers that change your life. The situations and relationships in your life change.


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Thank you for visiting my website

I’m thrilled to introduce you to the practice of Connecting.

For over two decades I have lived my life Connecting. It has changed every area of my life. I went from questioning who I am and why I am here, to confidently living my purpose from the guidance and answers that came from my intuitive Self.

I have trained hundreds of people in the practice of Connecting.

I watched their lives change as they now live in peace, knowing they can go to their Self for answers on demand.

My programs are designed to make it simple for you to begin the practice of Connecting in your life.

I invite you to discover how this new practice beyond meditation gives you the power to change your life!

xoxo ~ Indira



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In this 40-minute audio session you’ll have an actual experience of unplugging your mind and Connecting to your intuitive Self in an area of your life.

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In the Change Your Life Program all of the things that you couldn’t imagine happening start to happen.


You live in how simple and effortless life can be when your mind isn’t in control of your life. Your life changes to the life you always wanted

You release the mind’s control in areas of your life and begin to listen for the guidance and answers from your intuitive Self.  These are the answers that give you different results in your life.

You discover your power to to change your life!

Let’s start changing your life today.

Indira gives you the tools to alter your life to
a life you can’t even imagine. It’s just changed
my life to this great life.
Indira creates a separation from the results of your Mind and produces results from the intuitive part of yourself and you can access it on demand.