The INDIRA Method


The INDIRA Method has 3 aspects

1. Your Mind
             How your mind creates the results you have in your life now.

  • Your mind draws from your past experiences and other people’s opinions.

  • It is the part of you that is self-critical and critical of others.

  • It assesses and concludes logically from the past or what it learns.

  • Your mind then makes decisions which gives you the current results you have in life.

2. Your Self
             How your Self creates results for the life you want.

  • Your Self is the intuitive part of you, it is often called your "inner knowing." 

  • Your Self is NOT determined by your past experiences or other people's opinions.

  • Your Self gives you clarity, guidance and actions which is not a decision process.

  • The actions you take from your Self moves that area into having the life you want.

3. Connecting
            Take the actions you get from your Self to have the life you want.

  • Connecting provides the tools to disconnect your Mind's conversations and decisions. 

  • Connecting gives you access to your Self for clarity, guidance and actions.

  • Connecting is the key to creating the life you want. 




It's time to consider a different source
for the results in your life.