How It Works


The practice of unplugging your Mind to hear your Self is called — Connecting.

In Connecting you unplug the Mind’s conversations and access the Self for answers and actions. 

Just like any new discipline, it takes practice to develop and train yourself. To develop yourself is to have reliable access to this new dimension of you called –  the Self, for the life you want.

As you are being trained to unplug your Mind, you also get trained to hear the part of you called your Self. The experience of hearing your Self is similar to how you can hear your Mind's thoughts - but it is distinctly and uniquely different.

As pioneers of Connecting, we have watched hundreds of people’s lives change and align to the life they wanted but never knew they can have. 

When you live your life from the answers from your Self, it guarantees that each and every decision you make is going to turn out, leaving you feeling more loved, fulfilled, confident, empowered, and most of all happy.



The Mind
The Mind draws from past experiences and other peoples' opinions. It's the part of you that is self-critical and critical of others. The Mind has conversations about your life. It synthesizes alternatives you're looking at, about your life, to the point of making a decision. For example: you’re in this dilemma 'should I stay in this relationship or leave?' Your Mind weighs all the pros and cons to the point of making a decision. You then take the decisions made from your Mind, which produces the current results in life.
The Mind----->Conversations----->Decisions----->Action-----> Current Results in life

The Self
The Self is the intuitive part of you - it is not determined by your past experiences or other people's opinions. It’s the part of you that is often called your 'inner knowing.' It's the part of you that gives you the answers and actions that change your life. Different than the Mind, the 'answers and actions', from your Self, is not a decision process and it produces different results in life.
When you take the actions from your Self, it moves that area of life into having what you want.
The Self----->Unplug your Mind ----->Listening----->Action----->Results that change life