3 Tips to Bring Joy to your Thanksgiving

3 Tips to Bring Joy to your Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving evokes a lot of the mind’s thoughts when you are with family and friends. Here are 3 simple tips that can alter your experience of enjoying the holidays in an instant.

Tip #1

Notice your mind’s thoughts about someone that isn’t caring or loving. These thoughts may include “they are selfish… annoying… difficult… not cooperating… rude… etc.” Notice if your mind’s thoughts create an experience of having distance between you and that person. Choose to have zero interest in these thoughts. Relate to them as simply thoughts coming from your mind … not as an expression of who you are.

Tip #2

Notice if your mind feels like it’s in a “doing mode” and creating stress or overwhelm. Take time to stop life’s “doing” and release the things that have to get done. Think about how you want your Thanksgiving day experience to be – filled with joy, love, fulfilling relationships, laughs. Think about what you will bring to the day … how will you contribute to the creation of a joyful experience. Perhaps it’s a simple act of putting your cell phone away during dinner, or telling a close family member how much you love them. Consider, that from your Self there are ways to express your love and care for the people in your life that can create the joyful experience you want in your holidays.

Tip #3

The mind is always looking for how things should be and shouldn’t be. Notice your mind’s thoughts about how your relationships with family and friends “should be” and “shouldn’t be.” Let these thoughts go. Let go of the expectations your mind holds about your relationships. When you let go of these thoughts, you create an opening to experience the joy and gratefulness of what is so. Just as it is.