The Real Gift of The Holidays

The Real Gift of the Holidays

How do you have another holiday and make it different? Different from the perspective that it doesn’t just occur as – another year ends and another year begins.

I’m more present to this experience as I had a family member pass away unexpectedly recently. You read and hear stories about living each day as if it was your last with an understanding of what that means. But not an experience of what that means. So, how can that experience get translated into your life when, from the mind, you are always in “there is another day tomorrow.”
The fact is you’ll never get rid of "there’s another day tomorrow" … it's how the mind keeps you from being present to the now.
But, there is a way to slow life down during the hectic hustle and bustle of the holidays to appreciate the gift of being alive and a renewed experience of who you are.
This holiday take time to just get present to your life as the Gift:
Time to appreciate each one of your family and friends
Time to reflect on your year and the good times you had
Time to acknowledge yourself for where you are in your life – disengaging any of your mind’s thoughts of what’s not as it should be
Time to reflect on all of the things you can celebrate about your life
Time to honor yourself for who you are

When you take time to do this you presence a different energy about the holidays such that, while you’re buying gifts, cooking and preparing for the holidays, managing finances, stressing over the endless tasks at hand – you are present to and in the awareness of the underlining joy of being you and being alive.
Click Here  for an audio exercise I have created just for you. In this 10 minute audio, you'll take time to appreciate, reflect, acknowledge and honor your life and yourself. Listen to it as often as you wish. I promise you an expanded experience of the holidays as the real Gift and a profound connection to the joy of being alive.

Have a very special holiday!


and the INDIRA Life Team