The Illusion of being HAPPY!


The topic of this post is so personal for me because looking back on my life, I always pursued things that I felt would make me happy. Until I discovered the illusion of being happy...


Being happy is a big deal for most if not all of us. You could say our day to day life is about getting to and having the things that we feel would finally make us happy.

This ongoing constant assessment of whether we are happy or not and what we need in order to be happy, is constantly driving our lives. For each person this is very personal. What makes you happy is different based on what your mind tells you is important to you.

For example -
When you feel satisfied in your career.
When you have the body that is right.
When you have a relationship that is how it should be.
When you feel that your children have made you proud.
When you have enough money that makes you feel secure.

I know this feeling because I lived it for many years. It was only until I understood that no matter what I accomplished my mind immediately came up with next thing that I needed to do/have to be happy did I get that this was the role of the mind in how we live and experience life. This awareness altered how I woke up and how I went to bed at night. Gone was the persistent and constant feeling of something’s missing. I no longer listened to my mind telling me what I needed to do now to be happy. This way of living brought a new sense of real peace and a deeper appreciation for life.

Over time I began to understand the ELUSIVE and UNATTAINABLE nature of being happy and saw how this ILLUSION keeps us feeling stuck, exhausted, dissatisfied with where we are and unaware of the joy in our life.

Unplugging your mind releases and disappears the concept of ‘finding and getting to’ what makes you happy. You no longer have to spend your days working on what will make you happy. You can choose to wake up each day in a sense of peace as you unplug the mind’s drive towards a perceived view of what will make you happy now!

Here are 3 practices to release the mind’s constant drive to tell you what will finally make you happy. Here a new sense of real peace will arise –

1) Write down a list of 4 things your mind is telling you (things you need to be, things you need to fix or things that should be different for your life to feel happy).

2) Take some time to observe these thoughts – actually see them as just thoughts – not reality.

3) Let go of reacting to these thoughts as something you have to act on.