Bringing Balance to your Body After the Holidays


What if your New Year’s Resolution with your body wasn’t a number to get to on the scale.

During the holidays we indulge, we indulge in eating and drinking and going off our routines ... how do you NOW in January get centered in balancing your body?

From the mind’s thoughts, this could look like joining a gym, starting a diet, stopping drinking.

But what if you can shift the context of your body from what’s wrong or needs to be fixed to seeing it as a vessel to be loved and honored.

Here are 4 tips to bring balance to your body in the new year:

  1. Each day, presence 3 things about your body that you appreciate. Consider the new perspective of your body as a vessel for your life. For example, appreciating seeing the sky and hearing the birds.

  2. Notice ANY thoughts that disempower your experience of your body. For example, I hate getting wrinkles.

  3. Take 5 minutes out of your day to bring your attention to your body. Take a deep breath and listen for what it may need from you. For example, drink more water.

  4. Each day take an action that supports your body’s wellbeing. Consider these actions presence your love for your body.For example, stand up and stretch.

Share with me your experience of bringing balance to your body in the new year!
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xoxo - Indira