New Year’s Resolutions are Mindful (let’s change that this year)

New Year’s Resolutions are Mindful
(let’s change that this year)

Do you ever find yourself having the same things on your New Year’s Resolution lists, year after year?

I did for many years. And then I discovered how my New Year’s Resolutions became more items on my to-do-list. Then, around four weeks into the year my enthusiasm and inspiration for what’s on my list disappears.

I then began to notice that my mind was determining what was important and necessary for my year. I saw that my New Year’s Resolutions were creating my year as more of the same - predictable and ordinary.

I then began Connecting for the clarity and guidance from my intuitive Self on how to create my New Year’s Resolutions.

What came up was very different. For example, one of the things that’s usually on my list is my body. I then start my year exploring gym memberships and workout classes with the excitement that I’ll finally have my body the way I want it.

When I Connected to my Self it was totally different. I got to focus on my relationship - to look at how I am in it and to see where I was holding back from communicating and expressing myself now.

This was so different but I trusted it and took the actions. A surprising result is my husband became an empowering partner for me with my body. For example, we began working out together which had never happened before. The inspiration and passion for my year got stronger.


What would creating your New Year’s Resolutions be from your intuitive Self?

How would you begin your year if it wasn’t shaped from your mind?

What would actually be on your New Year’s Resolutions list to have inspiration and passion throughout your year?

In this 5-minute Audio Connection, I will guide you in unplugging your mind and listening for your New Year Resolutions from your intuitive Self. Be in a quiet place. Have a pen and notebook ready.


xoxo - Indira