How to Manifest Self-Love Naturally

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How to Manifest Self-Love Naturally

In these times there is a lot of attention of how to cultivate Self-Love in our lives. We know instinctively that we want to experience being confident in our own skin, exactly as we are and are in search of ways to get to that experience.


Here’s what I mean –

We put practices in our life, such as - putting up boundaries in relationships, intentionally spending more “ME time”, buying yourself a Valentine’s Day present, purposely ending all toxic relationships, learning to say “NO”, making a list of what’s beautiful about yourself.

We are fascinated with how to manifest Self-Love in our life because it feels like a lifetime challenge. We see generations older than us struggle to embrace a state of Self-Love and we see generations younger than us dealing with the same issues. This creates a quest to find ways to express loving ourself. 

Unfortunately, no matter how hard we try and how many practices and actions we take on – we never really get to that EXPERIENCE of loving our self for exactly the way we are.  

For example, we spend our days with thoughts of “I wish this dress/suit would fit me like it used to” or “if only I was a size 0” or “if only I had the money like these celebrities to get massages and treatments all the time” or “I deserve better than this….”

And we force these thoughts to go away by the practices we take on. But one massage or shopping spree doesn’t make those thoughts go away. They still creep into your day whether it be when you wake up, when you are tasked with buying an outfit for a special occasion, when you see a photograph of yourself and aren’t happy with how you look. You then may start hunting for a social media filter to enhance how you look.

You see… these thoughts seem natural because EVERYONE HAS THEM! We all can relate to these thoughts. But until these thoughts completely disappear - not temporarily go away because we are splurging on a new lipstick color that makes us feel fierce - but until these thoughts actually DISAPPEAR, we will never get to truly experience Self-Love. These thoughts ARE the reason Self-Love feels unattainable and like a aspirational achievement.

Being in a natural state of Self-Love IS POSSIBLE now. It’s possible with the practice of Connecting … a new practice beyond mediation. It’s possible when you unplug your mind and access your intuitive Self.

In Connecting you UNPLUG your MIND!

These thoughts you are having about yourself DISAPPEAR!

The thoughts literally GO AWAY.

You are then left with a compelling LOVE for who you are as your Self.

The practice of Connecting IS where you live in a new state of Self Love.

As someone who is living from the practice of Connecting you will have your mind thoughts come up, for example, “I hate my body.” BUT then you’ll hear your Self say to you “all is well, nothing is wrong.” In that moment, you no longer experience the mind’s total control of how you feel about yourself.

You can go to that function and not have your mind piercing into you about how horrible you look and feel. You experience a freedom that allows you to be with people and feel their love for you. You can see them seeing you for you versus what your mind wants you to feel and see.

We’ll NEVER get rid of our mind’s constant evaluation that keeps us feeling like something’s wrong with us and our life, but in Connecting, you shape a new and different way of living your life.

In this life Self-Love is natural and effortless.

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In this exercise you learn that  self-love becomes natural when you UNPLUG your mind’s thoughts that make you feel less than, not enough and unlovable.

You'll begin to hear the subtle thoughts that come from your mind that tell you what to think and how to feel about yourself. These are the thoughts that keep you from knowing you are loved EXACTLY as you are  and from living in self-love naturally.

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