Parenting for Your Child's Best Self

Parenting for Your Child's Best Self

As parents, you always want what’s the best for your child. The best toys, books, education, healthcare options, methods of parenting … and the list is endless.


For many of us parenting has turned into mothers and fathers following what others have concluded is the right way to be parents. We listen to doctors. Books. TV shows. Google. And when parenting feels challenging or impossible or like a struggle we search even more for answers (the right answers for the result we want).

When relying on the information we find outside of us is the only way we have to parent, we lose our sense of trusting we have the answers as parents.

We lose sight of the ability to choose what feels right and doesn’t feel right for our children. We stop taking ownership as parents and we create a hands-off experience of taking the information we find and just applying it in life hoping it turns out the way we want.


The truth is parenting today can be scary and even uncomfortable.


We are constantly dealing with issues and situations that aren’t the norm. Most of us as parents grew up in a very different environment. As such, having to address concerns that are unknown can create anxiety and even fear of being a good parent for our children.

As parents, there is a passion and drive to be the best for your children. 

The fear of knowing we may not have all the answers keeps us looking outside of ourselves for what’s right. This has disconnected us from our innate ability to know that we DO in fact have the answers that are unique to our children.


Parenting from the intuitive Self is a very different place from which to know yourself as a great parent.

You discover that you can choose to unplug the mind’s assessments, conclusions and decisions about parenting and Connect to your intuitive Self for the answers and guidance to parenting your child.


Knowing you can TRUST your intuitive Self for the answers brings you real peace as a parent. Yes, you can be informed by all the knowledge available to you BUT when you UNPLUG your mind about any situation with your child, the guidance and answers from your Self will always provide what’s best for your child. 

In the practice of Connecting you bypass the mind’s logic about what happening with your child and your automatic mind’s response as a parent, for the answers to take from your intuitive Self.

For example, from your mind you could hear thoughts like “send them up to bed.” From your Self you could get “take 5 minutes and hold them in a hug.”

Or – from your mind you could hear thoughts like “this is the right school for them to go to.” From your Self you could get “trust what they want to do … it’s OK.”


This new way of parenting redefines what it means to be a parent knowing you are providing your child with the journey that will unfold their best Self. 

xoxo - Indira