YOU Have The Power to Build or Break Your Relationships

YOU Have The Power to
Build or Break Your Relationships

In relationships, the power to break or build a relationship lies with you. This is a very different concept to grasp given we typically feel that our relationships are the way they are because of the other person (not because of our self).


If you think about a particular relationship that left you feeling like “they don’t care about me or they don’t love me” you’ll notice that you feel this way because of them.


Imagine this happening with a parent, a child, a friend, a significant other … and think back to the conversation or moment when you felt that “they don’t care about me or they don’t love me.”


Think about - How were YOU in that situation?
What did you say? Not say? Behave? Look? Respond?


Consider that from our mind … we already have predetermined thoughts about our existing relationships (this person loves me, this person doesn’t love me, this person will never understand me, this person always ignores my opinions). These thoughts influence how we are when we are with specific people in our life.


For example … you may notice that if you have a strong feeling that your parent will never understand you, you’ll notice that you automatically spend less time in conversations explaining things to them. You may also find yourself skipping over the details to just have your conversations with them be over. This way of being leaves you feeling not fully yourself with them.

These are subtle examples BUT they point to how your thoughts influence how you are in your relationships.

Now imagine you can take that same situation, and share with your parent something about your day WITHOUT those thoughts in the background. You can so by unplugging ALL of your mind’s thoughts.


This creates a new opportunity for you to be with them authentically without any bias or judgement in the background about how the conversation will go. This way of being opens up a new pathway for you to feel more connected and authentic in your relationship.


Remember, YOU have the power to break or build your relationships - when you unplug your mind.

Share with me what you are seeing about YOU having the power to build or break your relationships ,by commenting below.

xoxo - Indira