4 Ways to Eliminate Stress & Anxiety in Your Life

4 Ways to Eliminate Stress & Anxiety
in Your Life

Consider that no matter how much you meditate, do breathing exercises, take regular vacations, create your home as a sanctuary, google everything you need to know to make your life work better – stress and anxiety is always there in almost every situation in your life.

From - how do I deal with feeling like I’m not really loved enough in my relationship? Or am I parenting my child the best way possible? What more can I do to make sure they get everything they need to survive life on their own? Or is my job really giving me what I need to be happy, am I truly fulfilled and satisfied?

Every moment is a new moment to have thoughts that tell you what you should be doing, ought to be doing or could be doing to make life better.

Sure you have moments of joy and happiness but the experience of - my life isn’t the way it should be … never stops … and this creates concern and worry that can build to anxiety.

Here are 4 practices that you can use to eliminate stress and anxiety during your day … to having more moments of real peace.

  • Observe your thoughts when you wake up in the morning. Notice the thoughts that evoke concern or fear.

  • (Stay with fear as a real feeling – notice that it may translate to an experience of worry, nervousness or stress for example, but those experiences are an outcome of the energy of fear)

  • Take 5 minutes to write down what your mind is saying to you about an area of your life, a situation or event.

  • Notice thoughts where you get to take an action that feels empowering and then notice the immediate thoughts that tell you why you shouldn’t do it. Become aware that you have both versions of thoughts and you can choose which one is best for you.

  • When you are in a situation where you feel unsure of yourself or feel invisible, notice the thoughts that your mind is telling you about you in realtime. For example, 'no one cares what I think' or 'what I have to say doesn’t matter.'

These practices are designed to stop the mind’s survival drive. The survival drive from the mind is what creates the thoughts that tell you all the things that keep you stressed and anxious – worried and concerned.

When you unplug your mind, you will have a new sense of peace.

xoxo ~ Indira