The Power of Love

The Power of Love

What is love and why is it such a powerful energy in the life of a human being?

When you live from the mind ... experiencing love is impossible. Truly feeling love is non-existent. Sharing your whole self with another and feeling appreciated and loved for who you are is not possible. The mind may give you an illusion of love by defining it as chocolates, or flowers, or compliments. You see, from the mind, the energy of being distant, alone and misunderstood feels REAL.


You can keep living from the mind with a lack of love, appreciation and passion in life. OR, you can choose to unplug your mind.

When you unplug your mind … you totally release all of the mind’s energies of being distant, alone and misunderstood. You can then experience what love really is, from the Self.

This month … I invite you to consider you have a choice. A choice to keep living the status quo with an illusion of love in your life. Or a choice of discovering your Self and how life from your Self can include all of the things you want in your life effortlessly – meaningful relationships, a caring and loving home, a happy and healthy family, and most of all ...


Love is the true essence of who we are.

Imagine this as a way of living life –

You wake up each morning interested in experiencing love. You go to work with an intention to experience love. Imagine relating to all your relationships from being the carrier of love versus evaluating if you are being loved.

Love is such a powerful energy in our lives because it is who we are. It is our Self.