The Power of Real Change

The Power of Real Change

Consider that when your life is changing the only place you can go to reference what is occurring is the mind’s point of view.


This view is determined by ALL of what you have learnt, googled, read, heard and experienced from past situations. This includes how your growing up shaped your thinking and your views about who you are and how you should be.

Your personality, your traits, your character, your feelings about how you see yourself are all shaped from the collective experiences you’ve had since growing up. Who you are and how you should be comes from what the mind has defined.

These filters are real and powerful and they define your responses to change.

Here’s an example –

For John what gives him meaning in life is his job. While he loves his family the focus of life is around his career where he feels at home and known. Making a change to focus on family more becomes difficult. There isn’t an opening to make that change because it’s not relevant for the mind and as such taking actions in this area is a non-secular to how the mind knows him to be. Imagine making this change and experiencing being known and at home newly with his family.

What if you can approach change from another part of you

This part of you relates to change as an opening to expand your life. While from your mind this could feel upsetting or threating or uncertain or fearful, when you release the mind’s fear you begin to trust that you will be well. You release the power of the mind’s control to define who you are and how you should be.
This way of living embraces change for the power it brings to enhancing your life. You confront and transcend the experience of being out of balance and fearful. You pave another path of self discovery and self expression and bring to life your bigger more dynamic Self.

This is the power of real change.