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Accelerate a focused area of your life with add-on personalized calls with Indira. 

30 Min. Personalized Call with Indira
125.00 150.00

*for online program participants only

Add a 30 minute personalized call with Indira to your online program each month. We recommend you take on these calls for a 6 month period for accelerated results in a specific area of your life.

In 6 months:

  • Understand what is stopping you from having what you want in this situation by identifying your mind’s patterns

  • Get direct input and guidance to support you in unplugging your mind’s conversations and decisions that currently shape your actions in that area

  • Powerfully review what you are getting in your Connections in that specific area to differentiate your Mind from your Self

  • Indira will shape new Connections customized for you, in your journey, designed to expand your view of the situation from your Self versus your Mind

  • Take those actions that will accelerate changing your life in that area

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