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At a young age I recall instinctively knowing that there was something more to life. Life around me occurred as just life ... my parents, my sisters and brothers, all that I did as a kid was fine but something was missing.  I did not seem to know who I was or why I was here.

Throughout my teens and into my years after college I continued to do what we do in life. I pursued a career and settled into life but I still could not answer that question ... who am I and why am I here.

Nothing I did fulfilled those questions within me.

The search for that answer led me to many different forms of learning and growing spiritually – religion, ashrams, rebirthing, working with energy as a dimension of who I am, meditation, and much more. I kept on the journey for it was the only thing that mattered to me.

And so it was a day like all other days when I went into my meditation room and sat down once again to simply be with whatever I was to discover. I could no longer bring myself to go to the world outside of me for any answers. On this day, there occurred a defining moment that shifted my reality, my journey and my life.

Here is my account of that moment:
I suddenly began to experience a stirring within me, a feeling that was as real as the world around me, a “knowing” that resonated with a truth that defied all that was in the physical realm—at last I felt at home. I embraced this energy, this vibration and began to seek into it as a reality. I knew unconditionally that this was the vibration of my higher SELF. It’s what I had been seeking all my life. I felt its presence as a peace that transcended all that was of the physical dimension.

As I embraced this energetic force that arose within me, its depth and scope became a realm where I experienced a knowing that defied the mind’s reality. What I call ‘the mind’s energy’ no longer dominated what was real—rather it became a tool to fulfill the purpose of my higher SELF.  I experienced the depth of my Self.  I felt the eternal vibration of who I am and knew that within me is the energy that is called Me. This was the real Me. It is who I am and why I chose to be here. It is my Self. All of this knowing occurred in an instant and resonated throughout my core as a new reality.

In that room and in that moment arose a vibration from what I now know as my SELF. That vibration spoke to me, “This is who you are. This is why you are here.”  It was then and there that I discovered not only Connecting but to Listen, Trust and Act from my Self, distinct from my mind.

From that moment, I had a clear distinction between my Mind and my Self. I knew my Self as Me. I was at peace in life as I began a journey of Connecting, Listening, Trusting and Acting from my SELF. I knew unquestionably that this is Me, the Me that I had spent many years trying to find. And it was the source of all I needed to live the journey I am here to fulfill. By living from my Self, I am aligned with my best and highest journey as a human being.

This experience altered the context in which I saw and lived my life. I now Connected to my SELF as a source for what there was to know in all areas of my life.

I discovered a lot about the Mind and the Self and the different roles they play in our lives. I have experienced a life when lived from the Mind and a life when lived from my Self. I now know that our human experience is to know our Self as who we are.

I have spent the last fifteen years leading workshops and programs to guide others in the simplicity of the tools of Connect, Listen, Trust and Act.

My personal life’s journey has been and continues to be a demonstration of our journey as human beings – to transcend the Mind to honor and live from our Self as our reality. It is from our Self that we find the answers to live a better life.