Listening to Your Self - The Practice of Connecting

When you change where your actions are coming from (mind vs Self) you change the results you have in life. This is NOT doing something different from what your mind is telling you. It is developing an access to the energy of your Self distinct from your mind. And in this exercise you will be able to learn the practice Connecting. Make sure that you’re in a quiet room with a paper and pencil ready so you can write down what will be coming up for you during this exercise.



Click on the “CC” button on the video to see the captions.


It IS POSSIBLE to live free of stress, concern, worry, anxiety, anger, heartache, restlessness, depression, addiction, sleepless nights ... and it all begins with discovering how to unplug your mind.

It is our mission to bring Connecting out to human beings. Because we believe that each person has the right to a life journey filled with love, joy, happiness, fulfillment and peace. So, for your first month, we are offering you a discounted price to experience the Change Your Life Program. With full access to the program you can live a changed life!

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