Indira Dyal-Dominguez is the founder and CEO of INDIRALIFE and the creator of the CHANGE YOUR LIFE PROGRAM.

She is the author of YOU: A Spiritual Being on a Spiritual Journey, a New Paradigm for Living Life.

Indira facilitates and trains you to hear the part of you called — YOUR SELF. This SELF produces unique answers to change any area of life.

She has coined the phrase CONNECTING to describe the process to unplug the Mind’s fears, worries and concerns to listen for the answers and actions from your SELF.

For over 25 years she has transformed the lives of thousands of people globally through her seminars, events, workshops and individual coaching. In 2005 Indira and her husband, founder of Delphi Sphere Consulting, brought Connecting to corporations, training CEO’s and executives of Fortune 500 companies, in operating from a new business paradigm of Self. 

Indira resides in Fort Myers Florida with her husband Paul.

The INDIRAlife programs, which are led by Indira, are impactful and experiential, designed to change your life and produce immediate results.
A powerful presence, Indira is masterful at revealing and guiding you to see how your Mind’s conversations and decisions keep you stuck. Her natural and intuitive ability to access the Self of another provides a new pathway to change any situation. She brings to her participants an unquestionable commitment to fulfilling their best life through the practice of Connecting. She has pioneered the INDIRAlife tools of Connect, Listen, Trust, Act. These tools allow anyone to live the life they want for themselves and their relationships – spouse, children, parents, siblings and friends. They live each day with peace of mind, knowing they are living their best life.

At a time when people’s lives are filled with unexpected and difficult challenges, knowing how to unplug the Mind’s constant chatter, concerns and fears to listening, trusting and acting from another part of you called – your Self is revolutionary and life altering.