There’s one thing that most people know when they meet Indira. She’s real, she inspires and touches them in a way that’s different.

Here’s what one person who recently met Indira for the first time shared with a friend … “I felt like she knew me … knew the real me … like she knew my life and who I am … I loved being with her.”

For most of her life growing up there was one thing that Indira knew instinctively - that beyond the daily survival aspect of life there was more to who we are as human beings.

This force was compelling and propelled her to find answers to the questions – who am I and why am I here? It was this journey that led her to the practice of Connecting.


Indira has spent the last 20 years bringing this practice to the lives of people through her workshops, seminars, events and book.

For over a decade Indira trained and led programs in personal and professional transformation. Her passion was delivering a leadership program designed to bring out the leader in each person. She successfully worked with individuals to produce results in their life.

It was during these yeas that she knew something was still missing. She loved what she did but it didn’t fulfill her inner calling, even though working with people brought her so much joy and purpose.

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When Indira left her career, it was then that she discovered the practice of Connecting.

Not knowing where to turn for answers she went within. It was here that she experienced unplugging the thoughts from her mind. She then accessed the inner knowing from her intuitive Self for the answers she sought.

She innately knew that when each of us can unplug the mind and listen for the guidance and answers from our intuitive Self, the results we want in our life become effortless.

Her life was never the same. She discovered her gift of tapping into the intuitive Self of another by just being with them. She can immediately connect to the energy of the mind and the energy of the Self in others.

Indira has since spent the last decade leading seminars, events and programs for individuals, groups, CEOs and executives training them in Connecting … a new practice beyond meditation.

She is the published author of YOU: A Spiritual Being on a Spiritual Journey, a New Paradigm for Living Life and has now designed her online programs so that the practice of Connecting is now available to anyone in the world.


I believe that the time has come to discover the new practice of Connecting.

At a time when the mind’s power is getting stronger in controlling our experience of life, the practice of Connecting, unplugging the mind and having direct access to our intuitive Self, gives each of us the power to change our lives.”


Join me in this new way of living your life!