Whether this is your 1st program or you’ve had experiences with different types of programs we want to assure you that the Change Your Life Program is different from anything else you may have done –

This recurring membership is a lifestyle change in knowing that no matter what you’re dealing with in life you can get the answers to move your life forward.

It’s simple, done at your own pace and at your convenience –

Here are the 5 steps of your program


Choose an area of your life where you want change.


Go through the Core Online Video training weekly – where you begin to Connect, the practice of unplugging your Mind and getting answers and actions from your Self.


Listen to the Daily Connection Audio that trains you to unplug your Mind’s constant chatter, concerns and worry each day creating a new sense of freedom, calm and real peace in your life.


Read and watch weekly training emails and videos from Indira designed to support you in unplugging your Mind and changing your life.


Send your Connections to Indira for personalized feedback and coaching.

This structure creates our partnership where I am personally with you on this journey.


This new lifestyle will have you live each day with less stress, concern or fear for your future and put your life in your hands.