Until you begin to listen and hear what your Mind has to say about your relationships you are unaware of how much it controls how you feel and think about this area of your life. 

In the Change Your Life Program you will see how your Mind keeps you from actually discovering the love you have for your relationships. Your Mind keeps all the good times in the background and what doesn’t work in the forefront. The issues you confront in your relationships change when you begin unplugging your Mind. The actions you get from your Self brings to the forefront your love, compassion, and connection to others.

Areas you could be dealing with in your Relationships are: 

  • Having a relationship that feels fulfilling

  • Dealing with the breakup of a relationship

  • Having meaningful family relationships

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Some of the thoughts your Mind could be telling you about your relationships are:

  • When I find the right one then it will all work out.

  • I shouldn’t have to work so hard, they’re the problem. 

  • Relationships never work out I’m going to be alone forever.

  • I feel like my family doesn’t understand

Read how our members changed the area of relationships in their life…

From no spark in a 15-year marriage to a spontaneous vacation like honeymooners

After being married for over 15 years there was little spark left. More bickering and not feeling like we were on the same page and time just felt like it kept passing us by. I didn’t feel loved or appreciated and everything felt like such a waste of my time and energy. We chose the area of our relationship to change. Then, literally a week after we both started unplugging our Mind we would go see a movie or have a pizza night. The tension and the arguing stopped. And then, the best thing ever happened. A month in, he surprised me with a trip to Greece. He planned an entire vacation for us. He took me out to dinner for our wedding anniversary and surprised me with the plans. He is the last person on the planet to ever plan ANYTHING and so for me, this was pure bliss. I cried and cried and felt so appreciated and loved. I couldn’t believe it – it felt like I was living in my dream of everything I ever wanted. We started working out together and getting in shape for our big vacation. It was such a big shift in our relationship that would never have happened if we didn’t unplug our Minds. I honestly am amazed at how quickly we experienced results and how big the results were in my life!

I stopped obsessing about finding the right one

My dating life is stressful. As I am approaching 30 the feeling of being alone for the rest of my life is getting stronger. When I am with my parents they always ask me about my dating life and when I’ll meet someone and get married. It feels like I have been dating all my life and never found the right one. I literally feel like there’s no “one” out there and it’s useless and draining to keep dating. When my friends started settling down, weddings, bridal showers, babies it got worse. I’m constantly listening to my Mind tell me, “what’s wrong with you? You have to find the one now.” I began unplugging my Mind and these feelings began to diminish. The whole experience of dating changed. I began to enjoy meeting new people and sharing my time with them versus thinking that they must be the one. I started getting very clear about what I wanted and could easily and confidently say no to certain people who would ask me out. Where usually I would just go and from my Mind think “well why not, sure whatever, here we go again with a date that’s going to be terrible and a waste of my time." I now look forward to dates and meeting new people knowing that I’ll meet someone and when I do it will be right for me.

In the CHANGE YOUR LIFE PROGRAM you can unplug the thoughts your Mind is telling you and listen for the answers unique to you from the part of you called – your Self.

These are the answers and actions that give you different results in this area.