“From the moment I started reading the introduction of this book, I felt a deep connection to the author and how she shows us the difference between the mind's energy and the energy of your consciousness or Self. It was the same opening of awareness I felt while reading Eckhart Tolle's books, A New Earth and The Power of Now. It is so exciting to have someone put these feelings into words that even though I have only finished chapter 1, I wanted to share how much I enjoy the book and like how it is presented. There are guidelines, exercises, and audio experiences with the author's voice helping us to discover the journey of the Self without the interference of the mind. Bravo!” — Jay

“I started reading this book and am already seeing wonderful effects! Right from the first chapter, the book gives hands-on exercises to practice. Each lesson is designed to help me tap into my inner God, so to speak. I also love the fact that each exercise includes a web link so that I am able to hear the lesson in Indira's voice. I have never met Indira but I feel as if I have her as my personal coach!

I am looking forward to utilizing even more of these valuable lessons! I am grateful that Indira has given this to the world and I hope that her work inspires even more people to create instructive, how-to resources. It's what the world needs now!”
— Beth

“An amazing explanation of why we are here, in this body, in this time, in this journey. Life occurs as difficult. This book explains why life seems difficult and provides the tools to bring peace to the journey.” — Karen

"As someone who has been delving in this process over some time now, as a friend of the author, to finally have it in a concise book and written in a way that is so accessible for anyone really excites me. As I read the book it is like I am discovering newly this whole aspect of my Self and have already seen many areas of my life open up and expand in unpredictable ways. It is simple, powerful, and delivers results with me at the source of that, with peace and joy as it happens. I highly recommend that anyone interested in shifting what is going on in their life pick up this book and just start reading." — Jeff