Indira brings each person she works with to a new experience of their greatness, with her 20 years of experience as a coach. Her experiential events and interactive workshops leave audiences captivated, motivated and empowered to better their lives. 

Her coaching and life’s work is built around her unique practice called Connecting, the next level in self-help. In Connecting you let go of your mind’s thoughts that get in the way of having the life you want. You learn to trust your Self to guide you.

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Indira is distinct from other people who do this type of work where it’s all about them. With Indira, there’s no focus on her.

how to have your best life


We are all striving to live our BEST LIFE which includes having what we want. The career we want, the relationships we want, the body we want ... but what we don’t realize is how much WE impact having what we want.

We are our own worst critics! We are unaware that what we think and how we feel disempowers us every single day. And yes, we have THOUGHTS and FEELINGS about EVERYTHING – about our work, our relationships, our friends, our family, our body, our life. So how do we shift out of these thoughts to empower ourself?

In the Empower YOU Workshop, you make the shift from disempowering yourself to empowering yourself. You discover how to have your best life now, versus someday in the future.

•Discover how your current thoughts and feelings disempower YOU.
•Learn how you have been holding yourself back from the career you want, relationships you want, body you want, life you want.
•Experience powerful exercises and tools to empower YOU and start creating your best life now.




We nurture our bodies and our minds … but what about the other part of us? We call this other part of us the intuitive Self.

In this extraordinary event, you will discover Connecting, the practice beyond meditation. You’ll discover how to get direct access to your Self, and then listen to and trust this part of you.

You begin to nurture this part of you and let your Self guide you with direction and answers for your life.

This eye-opening event will leave you with a new experience of what life can be when you nurture, listen and trust your Self - the YOU that houses your greatness.




We always hear phrases like “trust your self” and “be true to yourself.”
What does that really mean?
How do we actually do that?

In this powerful event, you will discover how to get direct access to your Self.
The intuitive you. The part of you that never fails you. The part of you that always points you in the right direction.

You’ll discover that you CAN go to your Self for direction and answers to the important areas of your life.

In many areas of life, we come to a crossroad and are looking for which way to turn. What if there was a direct answer from your Self that you could access, on demand? That is now possible, with a practice called Connecting … a new practice that is beyond meditation. Come and discover getting direction and answers that are unique to you. Experience living your true Self.




We’re all looking for an escape every now and then; time to unwind, decompress, relax, rejuvenate, reenergize and destress. But how do you actually release the chatter from your mind … those never-ending thoughts and to-do-lists? At this life changing event, you will learn a new practice, called Connecting, where you let go and release your mind’s chatter.

The practice of Connecting allows you to unplug your mind’s chatter, releasing its thoughts from you. In that moment you are no longer being your mind, you discover your mind is separate from you. This discovery gives you access to the intuitive you, your Self.

In this event you will learn to disconnect the mind’s constant chatter, and access your intuitive Self, on demand.

You’ll leave feeling clear, freer, lighter, happier and most of all you will learn new techniques that you can take with you beyond the event.

With Indira’s philosophy you are going to have a totally different outlook on life. Without her, I think people are missing out on life.
To have an actual process that is simple and gets me to the potential of ‘this is what my life can be’.
I don’t know anybody else who is doing Indira’s process to help people move quickly to transcend to the next level.
Others don’t have me do anything extraordinary. They talk about what to take on for relationships, money and things but not about how to tap into it.

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