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Give your teens the tools to succeed in today’s world
releasing their concerns to live their full potential.


Published author and founder of INDIRA Life, Indira Dyal-Dominguez, will be hosting this revolutionary teen program. She brings her 20 years of coaching experience now to teens!

Watch her video about the Teen Program to learn more! (right)


  • Overcome the thoughts that stop you in life
    As a teenager our thoughts can stop us from what we believe we can do and from going beyond our comfort zone. Getting to the source of these thoughts creates a new pathway for teens. They see that they CAN follow what they want to do. They realize that these thoughts don’t have to stop and hold them back in their life.

  • Eliminate the self-doubt and fears that create anxiety and depression
    Thoughts like “I’m not good enough” and “I can’t do that” create stress, concern and worry. Your teen will learn how to eliminate these thoughts. They’ll learn how to live free from stress, concern and worry.

  • No longer be at the effect of peer pressure
    It’s common for teenagers to feel afraid of standing out or doing what feels right when with friends. They tend to follow the crowd in order to feel like they belong. It’s easy to become at the effect of peer pressure, where choosing to go with the majority because it feels easier. Your teen will have the tools to be comfortable to be themselves, and learn how to express themself, inspiring others.

  • Increase your self-esteem and self-worth
    The life of a teenager is filled with thoughts of self assessments and conclusions about themselves. Our teen years are when we are most sensitive to what others think and feel about us. This can shape our self-esteem and self-worth. Through this program each teen will discover that they can let go of when they feel insecure about. When they question if they are good enough, or feel like they do not measure up. Knowing they can let go of these thoughts will boost their self-esteem and self-worth.  

  • Have more notable achievements
    Your teen will have the tools to have their best self. With this new lifestyle comes notable achievements that are unique to each teen. Some examples are: they get chosen to do a graduation speech, they try out for and make their local basketball team, they decide to run for class president (and win!).


Indira is so easy to talk to! I looked forward to talking to her and the things that used to bother me don’t bother me anymore… whenever I feel nervous or anxious I just unplug the thoughts from my mind now so that they don’t stop me from doing the things I want – like playing basketball and becoming class president.
— James, 13 years old
Watching my son overcome his anxiety and nervousness, feelings that were holding him back, has been extraordinary! In under 1 year my son feels like a completely different person. His confidence and self-esteem has gone up and brought him so many notable achievements in school. I am astonished and so excited Indira is bringing this to the Long Island area for other families!
— Rose, parent



Package Includes:

  1. Pre-Workshop 30 min. call with parent(s)

  2. Interactive 3-Day Workshop

  3. Post-Workshop Online Program
    (1 month support after the workshop)


For Ages 13-17

July 22-24, 2019 (Mon.-Wed.)

Melville, NY (tbd)


Cost $795

*limited availability

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