Read how our program members have changed their lives...

I became more confident, courageous, at peace with being my Self

“I found a new sense of myself. An acceptance. I have stopped being critical of myself, stopped second guessing myself and am at peace with my decisions. In many ways you could say that I own my decisions wholly. And I am doing things that I ordinarily would not do. I took a very long and adventurous trip. I left a bad job. I am inventing a new way to work and earn money. I stop often to appreciate this life I am in. I am calmer. I am more clear spoken and definitely and proudly own my words with no apology. I am less anxious. I stopped taking anti-anxiety medication. I am confident and courageous in ways I never was."

From considering a divorce to planning a second wedding

“My husband and I were seriously considering a divorce because I felt like I couldn’t live in this toxic relationship anymore. We would argue all the time. I would wake up to fights and accusations and really mean things. I would leave work events only to stand outside and argue on the phone with him.

I began unplugging my mind and weeks into it, my relationship changed. I started to experience him and appreciate him. I started to feel appreciated and loved in return. Soon after, divorce was not even a question. We got closer and would want to spend time together. After a few months into the program we actually started planning to have our second wedding! Who knew… but it’s true.

If I didn’t unplug my mind, we would have either remained in a toxic relationship until rock bottom or definitely gotten a divorce.”