I have struggled with insomnia for most of my life... 

I have been in the Change Your Life Program for just over one month ... The simple act of unplugging my mind and Connecting to my Self has allowed me to feel more self assured and at peace with all my days have to offer. I have also received a surprise gift of improved sleep. This is a big deal as I have struggled with insomnia for most of my life. It really goes to show how powerful your mind can be without you even noticing. I am really enjoying life in this new paradigm. The best part of it all is that my journey has only just begun.




I had been really unhappy every single day with my job & routine…

I started out Connecting on my job that, for me, is not a very good fit. It's very dry and routine with a lot of tedious work. I've always struggled with knowing what I would like to do with my life/career. I've gotten really good at unplugging the mind and experiencing my career journey from a place of learning. Since beginning the program I have evolved in my current space as well as opened up the door to a new one. I have begun the process of starting a new job which I know will be a great fit for my true Self and open up many new doors for the future of my career; where I will be able to learn and grow as long as I continue to Connect to what my true self is telling me.