Connecting is the practice beyond meditation. Where you let go and release your mind’s thoughts to get direct access to your Self, the intuitive part of you. You learn to listen to and trust your Self for direction and answers that guide your life.


Why practice Connecting?

The practice of Connecting has proven benefits that each person experiences. You experience the freedom and peace that comes with releasing your mind’s thoughts. This eliminates stress, concern, worry and fear. You get direction and answers for areas of your life that are important to you. Imagine always having a reliable place to go to for the answers that will always create your best life, that is what Connecting provides.

Proven Results Experienced From Connecting

✓ Have real PEACE in your daily life


✓ Live FREE from anxiety and fear

✓ Have CONFIDENCE in your decisions

✓ Feel MORE CONNECTED in your relationships

✓ Gain ENTHUSIASM and PASSION in your daily life

✓ Get GUIDANCE and DIRECTION for a fulfilling life

✓ Live your AUTHENTIC Self

How does Connecting work?

You close your eyes and spend 5-15 minutes listening to guided audios by Indira. Through the guided audios you release your mind’s thoughts and experience freedom and clarity. You then access your Self to get direction and answers in areas of your life. You simply follow the direction and answers you get from your Self, and you let your Self guide you like a compass. As you listen and trust this part of you, life begins to change. Your relationships, your career, your health, your wellbeing, all areas of your life begin to shift to align with what you want.

How do I begin Connecting in my life?

Indira has made it simple and easy for anyone, anywhere to begin the practice of Connecting through our Online Program. In our Online Program, you listen to Indira’s guided audios and follow exercises that are designed to have you release your mind and Connect to your Self. It’s that simple. Click here to learn more about our Online Program.

How is Connecting the practice beyond meditation?

Connecting may sound like meditation but it is different. In meditation you quiet the mind - through different techniques like breathing or chanting or listening to music. There are many benefits in the practice of Meditation but the practice of Connecting goes beyond where meditation takes you. In Meditation, after quieting the mind, you go back to the “real world” where the stress of your day-to-day life takes over again. For many, there is still the search for something more to their life, while very powerful meditation does not create a lasting impact in having a fulfilling life. 

In Connecting you are letting go and releasing the mind (not just quieting it). This is HUGE and the fundamental difference in not having the mind’s control over your life. All of the mind’s thoughts and opinions and beliefs disappear … creating a blank canvas of your life with NO mind. An unprecedented clear space becomes available to you. This allows you to get access to your Self. You recognize your Self as the source of YOUR life. You are now available to Listen, Trust and act from your Self. You get clear direction and answers for the decisions you make in all areas of your life. The actions you take from your Self changes and directly impacts the quality of your life. That is how Connecting creates a lasting impact on your life.

How is Connecting the next level in self-help?

There are no other disciplines or practices that give you direct access to your Self, on demand, for answers that are unique to you.

Connecting is not a theory, philosophy or concept. It is not a practice that uses mantras, affirmations or beliefs that you incorporate into how you live your life to get results.

Each of us is unique. We have lives that are complex, intricate and specific to our journey in life. And though many of the self-help methods out there can benefit us, there is always an individualized approach that is missing. Even when we work one-on-one with coaches and with experts, the methods they use to guide us are methods they are trained in (designed using generalizations about human beings).

Connecting as a practice is different. It is the only practice where you are trained to get direction and answers for your life, from your Self. The answers from your Self are directly related to your life’s circumstances, relationships and journey - for your unique life. While what you read, hear and see can inform you of what’s out there – in Connecting you get the answers that ultimately work for your life AND it comes from You. And that is what makes Connecting the next level in self-help.